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Mayo Area Fire Dept
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Mayo, SC 29368
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Mayo Area Fire Department
The events listed here are for the interest of the citizens of the fire department's service area


Mayo Commissioners Meeting

Meeting Agenda

1/11/2, 2/8/24, 3/14/24, 4/11/24, 5/9/24, 6/13/24, 7/11/24, 8/8/24, 9/12/24, 10/10/24, 11/14/24, 12/12/24

7:00 PM

Type of Meeting: Regular meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Dexter Blanton


Budget Workshop to begin at 6:30PM prior to regular commissioners meeting being called to order on 10/10/24,11/14/24, and 12/12/24


I. Call to order by board of commissioners
II. Review of last months meeting minutes 
III. Review of Financial reports
IV. Floor open for discussion of old business
V. Floor open for discussion of any new business
A. Chief’s report
VI. Floor open for concerns, comments, or grievances from members of the public
VII. Executive session if needed
VIII. Adjournment





Posted: January 10, 2024

Mayo will have an commissioners meeting April 18,2024 at 7:00 pm