Mayo Area
Fire Department
Mayo Area Fire Dept
150 Church Street
Mayo, SC 29368
P.O. Box 217
Mayo, SC 29368
The Mission of the Mayo Area Fire District is to utlize our
training and resources. To protect life and property
by courageous response to fire and rescue emergencies.
Mission Statement
Vision Statement
The primary mission of the Mayo Area Fire Districts a pledge
to serve every resident of our fire district with the highest
levels of Courtesy, Respect, Gratitude, Sincerity, Efficiency, 
and Service that we can provide. We intend to do that with
each member dedicating to training, and honing their skills to
be able to deliver the services that our residents expect. We
want to be able to assist you with any emergency you may
have. Our business is to preserve life and property, and we
strive to be the best at it that we can be.

We also commit to being service partners to any of our
neighboring departments during any emergency that may
arise, and to provide joint service to our residents.

Mayo Area Fire Department also is committed to provide
public education and fire prevention in an effort to help teach
children and adults of safety measures that will help them to
avoid emergencies before they happen.

We are honored to have the support of our community, and
while we hope you never have an emergency and need our
assistance, we strive to be available to you for any needs or
questions you may have.
"train hard, work hard, and live well"
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Mayo Area Fire Department